Custom LASIK


Custom LASIK

The laser vision correction powered by wavefront technology

Perhaps the single greatest advancement in the field of laser vision correction has been the application of Wavefront technology. This is technology that allows for the precise calculation of the focusing characteristics of each eye beyond what has been available in the examination room.

Using this technology, we are now able to better determine why each eye sees as it does and to translate this comprehensive measurement into a laser treatment that allows for the opportunity to correct vision more completely and with greater intelligence. Custom Wavefront laser treatments offer our patients the chance to see better than they might have with glasses or contact lenses.

But more importantly, these treatments have resulted in surgical outcomes that are smoother and more regular and hence less likely to induce irregularities in healing that can result in quality of vision issues such as halo and glare. With custom treatments, these unwanted outcomes have been reduced to under 1%. Perhaps even more important, Wavefront technology can help us to correct such unwanted outcomes with custom enhancement treatments that can alleviate or greatly reduce such problems.

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