The Latest Advance in Custom LASIK iDesign 2.0

Martin L. Fox, MD, FACS


The iDesign Suite 2.0 from Johnson and Johnson gained FDA approval in June of 2018 and is now available for use in patients requesting the latest advance in Custom LASIK. Dr Martin Fox, a national leader in custom LASIK, will be among the first to offer it for patients in the New York metropolitan area.


The system is the first of its kind to allow for precise measurement of the optical characteristic of the eye both inside and out to deliver the most personalized LASIK treatment ever available. Additionally this is the first system that allows the physician to deliver a custom monovision treatment for patients with need for precison in distance and near vision.

iDesign differs from any prior cusrom LASIK system in that it combines the totality of factors contributing to vision from the interior of the eye (Wave Scan derived) as well as the ocular surface (Topography derived). Thus the treatments rendered by this revolutionary system take into account how light travels inside of the eye while at the same time taking into account how the anterior curvature of the cornea influences vision. The combination of measurements delivers a one-of-a-kind accuracy LASIK treatments never available before..

Dr. Fox

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