The KAMRA Corneal Inlay Re-Invents the Wheel in the Treatment of Presbyopia

With the arrival of year’s end, I make it a practice to take stock of the events and developments in my practice over the preceding year. Without a doubt, the addition of KAMRA Corneal Inlay surgery stands for me as perhaps one of the most momentous developments in Refractive surgery in some time. For the first time, a viable safe treatment for presbyopia has arrived and judging from my first 20 cases KAMRA is here to stay. The results have been outstanding and patient reviews have been overwhelmingly positive:


“Life changing”, “…. a fountain of youth”, “. I feel 20 years younger”, “… the best investment ever”,

“I feel reborn!”…


Our patients have been enthusiastically recommending KAMRA inlay surgery to anyone who will listen to them and a groundswell of public interest in the surgery is likely to build over the coming year.

The early success of our KAMRA program can be attributed to the simple genius of a technology that emulates the small aperture optics used in daily life since man stood on his hind legs—squinting! The KAMRA Corneal Inlay delivers excellent intermediate and near acuity while preserving great distance acuity and it is reversible. As a clinical anecdote, one of our early patients developed haze that we attribute to excessive femtosecond laser pocket energy. When I was unable to clear his cornea with higher dose steroids explantation was elected as an advisable course of action. Vision cleared to 20/25 uncorrected in 10 days and remarkably our patient has requested re-implantation having experienced KAMRA effects before his complication intervened. Astonishing!

There are important factors that are essential to assuring success in Kamra presbyopia surgery. Neglect these factors at your own peril.



KAMRA vision is here to stay. It is safe, effective and very gratifying for surgeon and patient alike. It has many moving parts and requires a dedication to detail but this is clearly one of the most exciting technologies to come around in some time.

Dr. Fox

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