New Options for Halting the Progression of Keratoconus and Improving Vision

Martin L. Fox, MD, FACS

Keratoconus is a disease of the cornea characterized by thinning and loss of structural integrity resulting in irregular astigmatism and poor vision. Up until very recently therapeutic options have been limited to a variety of contact lens options for those with mild disease and corneal transplantation for those individuals with advanced disease.


As corneal specialist at Laserfox Dr Martin Fox, can now offer treatments for Keratoconus patients that can both halt disease progression and significantly improve vision thus avoiding the need of corneal transplantation procedures.


To halt progression patients can avail themselves of corneal collagen cross linking. This is a technology that combines ultraviolet light with the healing effects of a naturally occuring vitamin, B2 or Riboflavin. When the saturated cornea is exposed to low energy UV light the corneal collagen fibers form strong crosslinked bonds that halt progression of the shape change of the cornea that can result in worsening vision.


For those individuals with vision problems related to keratoconus or issues with contact lens tolerance Dr. Fox offers Intacs Intrastromal Ring implantation. Intacs are microscopically thing plastic rings made out of the same material as a hard contact lens. When implanted in a cornea with Keratoconus recipients can see improved uncorrected vision, improved vision with eye glasses as well as better comfort with contact lenses.


For those who require corneal transplantation to address the most advance forms of Keratoconus, Dr. Fox offers Laser assisted keratplasty. Because of the precision that it offers, this advance in transplant technology allows for mush more rapid recovery and a better quality of vision as well.


It has never been a better time to have Keratoconus!

Dr. Fox

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