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Sharklet Technologies- Industry Mimics Nature to Reduce Infection Risk

Medicine is always searching for methods designed to reduce the chance of infection. Hand washing and the use the use of hand sanitizers are all in widespread use today as are chemical sprays to sterilize work surfaces. But clearly such measures while for-the-most part effective still have their own tendency to occasional shortfall

A company named Sharklet believes that antibacterial properties can be achieved more naturally through bioengineering of a micropattern pattern found in nature in shark skin! This unique shape pattern appears to convey antibacterial characteristics in ways never believed possible. The core idea is that nature has already solved many of the problems we are grappling with. Animals, plants, and microbes are the consummate engineers. After billions of years of research and development, failures are fossils, and what surrounds us is the secret to survival.

In nature, it has been observed that while whales, ships, and other objects that travel through the water accumulate algae, seaweed, barnacles, and other types of bio-fouling that sharks are very different. Despite moving slowly through the water, their skin remains remarkably clean of contaminants. And it has now been shown that if you take the design of sharkskin and shrink it down, smaller than what humans can see, it has the same effect on bacteria. The same pattern that prevents algae from sticking to the skin of sharks prevents bacteria from sticking to the Sharklet pattern. This one of many examples of how biomimicry can be used to advance medicine for humans.

Ophthalmic Application

In modern cataract surgery in up to 50% of cases the migration of peripheral epithelial cells along the posterior lens capsule can produce clouding and reduction of vision. This effect is known as posterior capsular opacification.

A YAG laser capsulotomy surgery can rectify this common cataract surgery complication but is a costly procedure and not widely available around the world.

An IOL with an incorporated Sharklet membrane will eliminate the need for this specific procedure, while giving better vision prognoses to patients all around the world. Sharklet makes use of structure alone to create this phenomenon. To accommodate the round IOL, a special Sharklet checkerboard pattern was designed to inhibit cell migration in all directions. In partnership with Insight Inc. Sharklet Technologies has developed the ClearSightâ„¢ IOL which is designed to incorporate the Sharklet edge design.

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